Lori Singer Quotes

"Youth is just perspective. To the hills of LA we all are just a bunch of babies."
"Do we define our society or does our society define us?"
"Sometimes, if you think too long and hard on something… It’s already transformed by the time you make up your mind…"
"I've been in love with every leading man I’ve ever worked with. On the safety of the film set that is."
"LA is the only place beauty is never outlived."
"If you're going to to carry a cello around you sure better be able to play it"
"LA is the place where beauty never dies"
"LA to me was always a land of opportunity"
"LA is the place dreams are realized"
"I’ve loved every Director I’ve ever worked with except two."
"Depends on choices. Each persons’ are unique. No matter how similar a choice seems… Each decision is specific to that person, at that time of life, and in the context of the world in which they live."
"The light in East Hampton always captivates. The softness, the gentle, wind, and soft sand. At night the way the moonlight casts glinting reflections on Georgica Pond in August is entrancing—sometimes that trance has been known to last for decades"
"To Live in New York is to pursue a belief... At every corner a new philosophy beckons, the resonant heartbeat of humanity resounds in each step."
"In New York, every face entices, each person‘s movement reveals their dance; it's a place where melodies echo off the concrete at all hours. New York is a city celebrating life."
"LA was a dream come true. It has the ruggedness of Texas, smells of sage in the canyons, has magical snow high in the mountains and California surfers below dancing on the waves. The land of opportunity, the land of dreams."
"Sometimes the film project feels like you lived It in your own life. Reality is suspended. Feels as if that was your exact experience. That was your mom. That was your high school. That was your teacher. That was your boyfriend. It is seared in your heart as your own experience."
"I’ve always found it hard to leave a film when principal photography has finished. I always carry the character and the people in that life in my heart until I begin a new project. One project I've carried has lasted my whole life. I still haven’t shaken it completely."
“When you trust the person you're talking with, the imagination and the topics travel at warp speed.”
“When you have mutual trust with your director and fellow actors, it's a high like no other.” “Yup, Footloose was like that.”